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Primarily, we help companies build websites that are efficient, responsive, simple, elegant and accessible to everyone. Drupal is our favorite framework, but we are wide open. We provide the following services and more.

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Drupal Services

Drupal Services is our Drupal oriented package for Web Development. This package is composed of pieces that can be used individually or combined to achive an optimal Drupal experience. We are always here to help and guide each step of the way.

Drupal Site Development
Drupal in system integration
Drupal Automatic Backup and Restore Services
Drupal Commerce Solutions
Drupal update and maintenance
Drupal Performance Evaluation and Optimization
Drupal support
Drupal Upgrade and Migration Services
Drupal Multilingual Site
Responsive Websites

The percentage of people accessing website via mobile devices is growing significantly. If you want to be serious with your business, your website must be responsive!

The responsiveness add to your website the ability to adjust and display perfectly whether you are using a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Some will develop a mobile and a desktop versions of the same site. But we thing there is no need to spent that much money and end up maintaining 2 sites.

Website Development

Whether you are a small non profit or a big corporation, a website is the fastest way to advertise what you do.

With more than 8 years building websites, we do it all. You need users to have an account? you want to update your content often? we are specialized in Drupal, the hottest Content Management System in the market.

Audio/Video Integration
HTML Production

You hired a designer who did a great job; but the photoshop file is now sitting there? You have data and then available via a web browser?

Hire us! We will turn that PSD file into a real website. We will also work with you to make your data viewable in a web browser.

Ecommerce Sites

Ecommerce are between the most interactive sites. Because they are very complex, you need people with experience doing specifically this. That experience, we have it.

Justgooddeal.com and sindshop.com are some of the ecommerce websites we successfully delivered.

508 & Accessibility

It is a requirement for most Government websites to be 508 compliant.

Whether you want to make your current website 508 compliant or create a new 508 compliant website, we are here to help you achieve this very high and complex standard.

Developer Training

Build new skills or advance your career with our web developer training program. This program covers HTML, CSS, JQUERY, Responsive design, CMS like Drupal ... and more.

Drupal Training
  • Updating Drupal websites - In this starter Drupal training, you will learn how to post and update content in your existing website.
  • Configuring Drupal websites - This is an intermediate level training. You will learn the most popular Drupal configuration modules, including but not limited to Views, Token, Panels, Comment ...
  • Developing Drupal websites - This advanced level training requires good knowledge of at least HTML, CSS, jQuery and some PHP. You will learn how to build a Drupal website from scratch, including theming and modules development.
Web Developer Training (HTML, CSS, Jquery ...)
Web Hosting Training

Unfortunately, the web is just not easy!

Hundreds of content management systems, dozens of programming languages, thousands of scripts, the list of what might enter in the creation of a website is just too long.

Fortunately, most solutions will work; But a bad combination will lead to disastrous result.

Whether you want to upgrade your current site or to create a new one, take advantage of our experience.

If you end up signing a contract with us, the consultation becomes a down payment and deducted from the agreed contract price.

Websites Hosting

We provide you with all the tools to make your hosting easy and convenient. After ordering your package, your account will be created instantly, and you can start building your web site.

Hosting packages and features
Hosting Packages Standard Advanced Ultimate
Proceed to Checkout Standard
$ 71.99/ year
(Sold Out)
$ 95.99/ year
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$ 129.99/ year
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Disk Space 1.8 GB space 2.8 GB space 3.8 GB space
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Allowed 1 3 10
Hosting Highlights Standard Advanced Ultimate
Site builder
24x7 support
Instant backup
No contract
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
15 Days Money Back Guarantee
Free / Instant Setup
More Features Standard Advanced Ultimate
Proceed to Checkout Standard
$ 71.99/ year
(Sold Out)
$ 95.99/ year
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$ 129.99/ year
(Sold Out)
Add on / parked domain 1 3 10
Sub domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Image Magick
Emails Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mail Forwarding
Mailing Lists
Latest cPanel


Domain Registration

We offer Domain name registration to ensure our web development customers will find everything at the same place.

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